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Burn - Lil Wayne

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 Lil Wayne - Amen (Feat. Boo)

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Don’t Like - Lil Wayne

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Lil Wayne & Lil Mouse- Get Smoked

Lil Wayne - Turn On The Lights (Bonus)
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Turn On The Lights Remix 

“she be by herself, she a loner. Trukfit i’m the owner. i make her moan, call her mona. i’ll have a threesome if they cloned her… .”


Gang culture fascinates me. I’m learning to separate my opinions and emotions from the investigative illustrator in me in order to approach subjects with a non-biased stance. Some argue the cult of the street gang began with the formation of the “Crips” in 1969, however more interestingly, the violence and rivalry began with the breakaway gang, the Pirus. Originally a faction of the Crips, they broke off during an internal gang war during the 1970s and allied with other smaller gangs to form what would be later named the “Bloods”.

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Gucci Mane Ft. Future - Brick Fair